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To better serve our families, we are asking for parents to share their opinions in a parent engagement survey.

Parents are asked to complete a separate survey for each campus where you have children enrolled in Pasadena ISD.

Responses are anonymous.

Thank you for your participation and support of Pasadena ISD.


Parents of High School Students – English http://svy.mk/1dGXBG3<?xml:namespace prefix = "u5" />

Parents of High School Students – Spanish http://svy.mk/1ctJ3b3

Parents of PK – 8th Grade Students – Englishhttp://svy.mk/1eLp1dS

Parents of PK – 8th Grade Students PK8 – Spanish http://svy.mk/1AFMXJL


Su Opinión Cuenta

Para servir mejor a nuestras familias, estamos pidiendo a los padres que compartan su opinión en una encuesta de participación de los padres.  Los padres deben completar una encuesta por cada escuela donde tenga estudiantes inscritos/matriculados en Pasadena ISD. 


Las respuestas son anónimas

Gracias por su participación y apoyo a Pasadena ISD


Padres de Estudiantes en Preparatoria – Inglés                                    http://svy.mk/1dGXBG3

Padres de Estudiantes en Preparatoria – Español                                http://svy.mk/1ctJ3b3

Padres de Estudiantes en Pre kínder- 8⁰ grado – Inglés                      http://svy.mk/1eLp1dS

Padres de Estudiantes en Pre kínder- 8⁰ grado – Español                   http://svy.mk/1AFMXJL


 Jensen Jaguars

Jensen Jaguars PAWS to Success

What's for lunch today? 


“Students may prepay for meals (breakfast and lunch) on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or on a semester basis. It is encouraged that students on a paid status or students who qualify for reduced price meals prepay; although, students may also pay the reduced price on a daily basis in the serving line. Prepayments are normally taken on Monday. The policy regarding the day when prepayments are made is a school’s decision. Payments may also be made online at www.myschoolbucks.com.  The Pasadena Independent School District Child Nutrition Services will not accept personal checks.

Specially marked food service envelopes are available for use by parents when sending money to the school. The envelope should be marked with the student’s name, grade level, and the amount enclosed.  Parents are strongly encouraged to continually monitor their child’s meal account balance. When a student’s meal account is depleted, the District will notify the Parent via phone message and with letters given to the students at the point of sale. The student will be allowed to continue purchasing meals for up to three days, and the District will present the parent with a schedule of repayment for any outstanding balance. If the District is unable to work out an agreement with the student’s parent on replenishment of the student’s meal account and payment of any outstanding balance, the student will receive an alternate meal. Ala Carte items may not be charged.

Parents, by clicking above, you can view the nutritional values of each lunch served at school.  PISD's
Child Nutrition Services has several resources about your child's nutrition.  Parents can also prepay for meals or
apply for Free/Reduced Lunch.


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